Monday, August 11, 2014

Preseason Top 200 Spreadsheet

Here is an update of the top 200, now also in spreadsheet format (all data are from fantasypros, aside from Tier, which is appended to the end):

Boris Chen's Fantasy Football Tiers - Predraft Spreadsheet [Standard, PPR, Half-PPR]

My advice for drafting with this model is as follows:
1) Always prefer higher tier players.
2) When choosing between two players of the same tier, diversify your picks across positions and teams.
3) Never go into the draft set in picking up certain positions.  Let the mistakes of others dictate what you pick by sticking with high tier players.

See last week's post for charts for individual positions.

Top 200 Standard:

Top 200 PPR:

Top 200 Half-PPR:


  1. I assume this is based on standard lineups with 10 teams? Is it possible to adjust them based on different league sizes or roster sizes?

  2. how often will you update this in the preseaon? do you have a sate set for when you may next post an update?

    1. I'll be doing an update this week.

    2. Given my 5-8 record last year i could use some help. Trying it out - draft day tomorrow!