Week 4 - Intro - Visualized Tiers and Ranks

Wednesday edition. Thursday 8/26 update. Friday 9/27 update. Sunday update here.

Week 4 byes: Carolina, Green Bay

My model pulls aggregated expert rankings from fantasypros, and I pass that data into a machine learning clustering algorithm called a gaussian mixture model to find tiers of players each week. Then I plot them in two dimensional space and the result is charts that let you easily decide your line up each week.

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I recommend starting players in higher tiers.  Players in the same tier that have close vertical distances between them have plenty of disagreement among the experts, so feel free to use your own judgement or simply flip a coin.  For example, I'd take Josh Gordon over Hakeem Nicks this week.

I plan to do an update tomorrow morning, Thurs 9/26, which I'll post on twitter and here.  Updates have been made in each section (9:30am, Friday 9/27). Look more updates going into the weekend.

Here are all the charts for you to scroll through. I've made individual comments on each page, so don't forget to check them out.  (protip: left click image > right click > view image in new tab)