Final Predraft Tiers and Rankings - Visualized (Standard)

I've updated my charts as of today's rankings (August 25th, 2013).  As always, thanks to fantasypros for their great data. Unfortunately I don't have time to write my insights, but I hope the charts can help you draft! I will scribble notes as I can, or as people bring up things in discussion:

- There are now 23 solid running backs, as Miller, Sproles, and Lacy have emerged from preseason as viable producers.  Don't feel pressured to go RB-RB, especially in 10 man leagues.

- Quarterback situation of the top 12 did not change. 

- Link to my google spreadsheet I will personably be using.  Please make a copy to your personal google drive!

Good luck drafting!  Don't forget to follow me (@borisachen) for updates on tiers each week once the season starts.

(if you play PPR or 0.5 PPR click here)

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Standard format tiers:

Tier 1: Adrian Peterson (RB1), Doug Martin (RB2), Jamaal Charles (RB3), C.J. Spiller (RB4), LeSean McCoy (RB5), Marshawn Lynch (RB6), Arian Foster (RB7), Trent Richardson (RB8), Ray Rice (RB9), Calvin Johnson (WR1)

Tier 2: Alfred Morris (RB10), Dez Bryant (WR2), A.J. Green (WR3), Brandon Marshall (WR4), Jimmy Graham (TE1), Matt Forte (RB11)

Tier 3: Julio Jones (WR5), Demaryius Thomas (WR6), Steven Jackson (RB12), Drew Brees (QB1), Aaron Rodgers (QB2), Stevan Ridley (RB13), Chris Johnson (RB14), Larry Fitzgerald (WR7), Maurice Jones-Drew (RB15)

Tier 4: Roddy White (WR8), Andre Johnson (WR9), Vincent Jackson (WR10), Randall Cobb (WR11), Victor Cruz (WR12), Frank Gore (RB16), Reggie Bush (RB17), Peyton Manning (QB3), Cam Newton (QB4), DeMarco Murray (RB18)

Tier 5: Marques Colston (WR13), David Wilson (RB19), Dwayne Bowe (WR14), Reggie Wayne (WR15), Tom Brady (QB5), Darren McFadden (RB20), Lamar Miller (RB21)

Tier 6: Danny Amendola (WR16), Rob Gronkowski (TE2), Darren Sproles (RB22), Matt Ryan (QB6), Hakeem Nicks (WR17), Jason Witten (TE3), Torrey Smith (WR18), Pierre Garcon (WR19)

Tier 7: Pierre Garcon (WR19), Wes Welker (WR20), Eddie Lacy (RB23), Matthew Stafford (QB7), Jordy Nelson (WR21), Antonio Brown (WR22), Eric Decker (WR23), Tony Gonzalez (TE4), Robert Griffin III (QB8), Steve Smith (WR24), Colin Kaepernick (QB9), Ryan Mathews (RB24)

Tier 8: Mike Wallace (WR25), Vernon Davis (TE5), Russell Wilson (QB10), Andrew Luck (QB11), Cecil Shorts (WR26), Ahmad Bradshaw (RB25), Christopher Ivory (RB26), Montee Ball (RB27), James Jones (WR27), Tony Romo (QB12), Giovani Bernard (RB28), Daryl Richardson (RB29), DeSean Jackson (WR28), Shane Vereen (RB30)

Tier 9: Rashard Mendenhall (RB31), Ty Hilton (WR29), Steve Johnson (WR30), Greg Jennings (WR31), Mike Williams (WR32), Andre Brown (RB32), DeAngelo Williams (RB33), Miles Austin (WR33), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB34)

Tier 10: Greg Olsen (TE6), Josh Gordon (WR34), Mark Ingram (RB35), Kenny Britt (WR35), Anquan Boldin (WR36), Lance Moore (WR37), Kyle Rudolph (TE7), Eli Manning (QB13), Tavon Austin (WR38), Ben Tate (RB36)

Tier 11: Ronnie Hillman (RB37), Bernard Pierce (RB38), Jared Cook (TE8), Jermichael Finley (TE9), Golden Tate (WR39), Owen Daniels (TE10)

Tier 12: Owen Daniels (TE10), Chris Givens (WR40), Emmanuel Sanders (WR41), Bryce Brown (RB39), Michael Vick (QB14), Antonio Gates (TE11), Fred Jackson (RB40), Vick Ballard (RB41), Pierre Thomas (RB42), Jordan Cameron (TE12), Michael Floyd (WR44) 

Tier 13: Vincent Brown (WR42), Sidney Rice (WR43), Danny Woodhead (RB43), Ben Roethlisberger (QB15), DeAndre Hopkins (WR45), Denarius Moore (WR46), Le'Veon Bell (RB44), Martellus Bennett (TE13), Justin Blackmon (WR47), Andy Dalton (QB16), Jonathan Stewart (RB45)

Tier 14: Brandon Myers (TE14), Alshon Jeffery (WR48), Kendall Wright (WR49), Jay Cutler (QB17), Rueben Randle (WR50), Ryan Broyles (WR51), Kenbrell Thompkins (WR52), Jonathan Dwyer (RB47), Fred Davis (TE15)

Tier 15: Shonn Greene (RB46), Josh Freeman (QB18), Brian Hartline (WR53), Carson Palmer (QB19), Joe Flacco (QB20), Isaiah Pead (RB48), Mikel Leshoure (RB49), Sam Bradford (QB21), Jacquizz Rodgers (RB50), Bilal Powell (RB51), Michael Bush (RB52)

Tier 16: Brandon Pettigrew (TE16), Matt Schaub (QB22), Cordarrelle Patterson (WR54), Malcom Floyd (WR55), Johnathan Franklin (RB53), Joique Bell (RB54), Greg Little (WR56), Daniel Thomas (RB55), Isaac Redman (RB56), Philip Rivers (QB23)

Tier 17: Brandon LaFell (WR57), Aaron Dobson (WR58), Knowshon Moreno (RB57), Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR59), Ryan Tannehill (QB24), Zach Sudfeld (TE17), Alex Smith (QB25), Andre Roberts (WR60), Zac Stacy (RB58)