Week 4 - Tight Ends

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Gronkowski should be back and if he is, he's set up in tier 1 in his first week back.

Jimmy Graham continues to eat yardage and touchdowns for breakfast.

Fleener, Miller, and Clay have crawled their way up to tier 4.

Gonzalez remains in tier 1 despite a slow start this year.  If he continues to not produce I can't imagine he will stay at this level. edit: The rest of the experts have weighed in and Gonzalez is out of tier 1 for this week.

Interestingly, Gates has shot up to the top of tier 2 as part of a revived San Diego offense, despite being knocked repeated by many experts.

Celek tanks to tier 5 after two bad weeks for both his fantasy line and the Eagles.

edit: Gronk is a completely question mark right now.  I advise checking rotoworld on Sunday.

Tier 1: Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten, Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron
Tier 2: Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, (Rob Gronkowski), Vernon Davis
Tier 3: Martellus Bennett, Jared Cook, Owen Daniels
Tier 4: Coby Fleener, Brandon Myers, Heath Miller, Charles Clay, Kyle Rudolph
Tier 5: Brent Celek, Jermaine Gresham, Scott Chandler, Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed
Tier 6: Brandon Pettigrew, Dallas Clark, Kellen Winslow, Robert Housler