Fantasy Football Week 7 Tiers - Early Tuesday Edition

Last update: 5:50 PM EST

Week 7 byes: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay

In this model, I take aggregated expert ranking data from and pass it into a clustering algorithm called the Gaussian mixture model.  The algorithm finds players who are ranked similarly and discovers natural tiers within the data. The results is a series of simple charts that can help you decide your line up. 

Match ups, injuries, strength of offense and defense are all accounted for. Tiers are preferred over ranks, as it allow you to see the true distance between players, which is not as linear as a ranked list suggests. For more intuition behind the model, you can read this introduction.

Waiver Tips:

(1) These are early tiers for to assist you with waivers. They are very noisy. I would NOT use this to set your line up yet -- wait for the Thursday update when more data is available. 

(2) When a player on the waiver is highly likely to start for you, consider using a high claim or higher bid.


(1) Why are the flex charts inconsistent with the RB and WR charts?
This happens because flex is an after thought for many experts.  Less experts submit rankings to Fantasypros, and they're not graded on them. 

(2) How accurate are these tiers?
Here is a link to last year's accuracy.

(3) When do you update the charts?

(5) The New York Times chart says "Aug 6, 2014". Is it updated?
Yes, the date reflects when the very first chart went up.  The charts are updated weekly and often.

Standard/PPR/Half PPR:

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